Active citizenship and prosocial cooperation. Theory and practice of inclusive education

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Edited by Rosita Deluigi, Yuliya Logashenko, Paul Toropov
anno 2015
#4 La pedagogia al lavoro
198 pp.
ISBN 9788898615841

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The volume contains several scholars research about the active citizenship and prosocial cooperation. The promoted strategies and the implemented methodologies in the educational, social and psychological field, were examined in-depth with an international overview shared between Italy and Russia. The theoretical analysis and the practical declinations of participatory approaches describe heterogeneous reality and plural ways of promoting an increasingly aware and empowered citizenship, able to activate intercultural and intergenerational processes in a life wide learning perspective. The aim is to promote, develop and support ever more inclusive environments in which social actors share responsibility and become protagonists in (co)-building open mind and dialogic contexts, towards the communities development.



Rosita Deluigi, PhD in Education, Researcher in Intercultural Education, University of Macerata, Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Italy. She teaches Intercultural Pedagogy and her research field are: Intercultural Education and Social Animation, Active Ageing and Intergenerational Dialogue and Long Term Care in connection with migrant careworker and transnational families. Recent publication on the topic of the book: Animare per educare. Come crescere nella partecipazione sociale, SEI, Torino, 2010; with Cadei L., «Cartes pour l’intégration»: l’éducation à la citoyenneté participative, La Revue Internationale de l’éducation familiale, 34, Paris, l’Harmattan, 2013, pp. 43-65; Active ageing through dialogue between generations: animating community strategies and participatory processes, CQIA RIVISTA, 11, pp. 62-72; with Baschiera B., Luppi E., Educazione intergenerazionale. Prospettive, progetti e metodologie didattico-formative per promuovere la solidarietà fra le generazioni, Franco Angeli, Milano, 2014.

Yuliya Logashenko, PhD in Psychology, Senior Lecturer. Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Institute of Social and Humanitarian Technologies and Communication. She teaches Socio-Psychological practical training, General Psychological practical training, Mathematical methods in psychology, Ethnopsychology and her research fields are: Ethnopsychology and Cross-cultural psychology and counseling. Recent publications on the topic of the book: Logashenko Y. A., Gaydukova G. N. An integration of post-soviet space: problems and perspectives, Fundamental researches, 11, 2012, pp. 358-361; Toropov P. B., Logashenko Y. A. Investigation of the features of lawful behavior of young people in Russia and Lithuania, The Tidings of the Baltic State Fishing Fleet Academy: scientific journal – Kaliningrad: Publishinf house of BSARF, 2011.#2 (16): Psychological and pedagogical sciences, pp. 33-36.

Pavel Borisovich Toropov, PhD in Pedagogic Sciences, associate professor. Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Kaliningrad, Russia. He teaches Social psychology, The history of social psychology, Foreign social psychology, Social psychology of conflict, Conflict free communication training. Currently he is doing research in social and legal activity of the individual and in prosocial cooperation. He has developed “The strategy of secondary schools development in Kaliningrad” (1995), “The strategy of regional vocational education and training” (1998) and was awarded with a diploma for development and realization of socially important projects by the Head of Kaliningrad. Was given a reward of Kaliningrad region Government for “Cooperation”. Recent publications and projects on the topic of the book: The detection of children who need social protection of the state (Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, 2003-2005), Domestic peace. Together again (UNICEF, 2004-2005), The Mother and the Child (Aland Islands Peace Institute, Finland, 2007), Kaliningrad alliance for Women Empowerment (Milan Chamber of Commerce, Italy, 2010-2011).






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