Pages have ears too / Anche le pagine hanno orecchi


Edited by Alessandra Calanchi, Mario Corsi, Jan Marten Ivo Klaver, Massimo Russo
anno 2021
188 pp.
ISBN 9791280074409

in lingua inglese

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How do sounds and noises influence our lives? The volume, ranging from insects in the Victorian age to con- temporary music, deals with several soundscapes including cases from theatre, poetry and fiction.


Alessandra Calanchi is an associate professor of Angloa- merican Literature and Culture at the University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy. She has dealt with soundscapes in criminal literature and science ction, participated in international conferen- ces, and is a co-founder of the Sound Studies Forum.

Mario Corsi has a degree in Mathematics. After working as a school teacher in secon- dary school, he has been a researcher in Social Statistics at the University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy, since 1996.

Jan Marten Ivo Klaver is full professor of English literature and culture at the University of Urbino. His research interests focus on the interaction between eightenth- and nineteenth-century culture, religion, and science.

Massimo Russo is a researcher at the University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy, where he teaches Leisure Sociology and Sociology of Communication. His interests have recently converged on free time as a social phenomenon, with a particular focus on the current changes as regards perception and listening in public spaces.